Looking for the light


I took a walk yesterday in town, the the day after the mass shooting in Florida claimed the lives of 17 innocent school children and teachers.  The grey overcast day seemed comparable to the news of the past couple days, but carrying my camera I was looking for some light.  

As I waited at an intersection, I noticed an elderly man struggling to pull a cart full of groceries up the steps to his house.  I was too far away to help but I saw a motorcycle pull up to the curb. The guy hurriedly parks, takes his helmet off and jogs up to the man on the steps who has stopped mid way up.  

The younger guy easily helps him push the loaded cart up the last few steps and thru his doorway.  They briefly murmur some words and he waves and returns to his motorcycle, puts on his helmet and zooms away.  The elderly man pausing in the doorway, looking back seems to be thinking who was that man?  It kind of felt super hero-ish to me.  If only he had been wearing a cape and I had been close enough to grab a photo! 

This morning I am reminiscing as I review the photos I took yesterday.  These white daisies sitting alone on a table amidst all the reflections in the windows around them impressed me as did the super hero on the motorcycle, both adding light to a somewhat overcast day.

Happy Trails, 



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