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Go with the flow! Baaaaa

August 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

untitled-39untitled-39 Last night I had the opportunity to visit a herd of sheep.  I found them fascinating with their cartoon like faces and wooly coats.  Their eyes are striking behind beautiful eyelashes.  They were friendly but wary of me and a camera lens in their personal space.  

I realized that if I was sitting down they would wander closer to me as they moved like lawn mowers through the grass.  Whenever they felt uncomfortable they immediately trotted together as a tight knit group (no pun intended) to a different location in the field.  Then after a short time they would decide to change their location again in the pasture and they would all promptly trot together to another spot.  No one lagged behind and said, waitttt, but I Likkkke it over here.  they all agreed immediately it was a good idea and went with the flow.  What an uncomplicated life!  

After they got used to my presence some started checking me out more closely, their warm breath huffing over my skin as they moved past me thru the pasture.  Then a few decided to take more time and lick me and inspect my clothes and my shoes.  I tried not to worry about them biting my toes (maybe sandals were not the best idea) but I was more interested in snapping a good pic as they didn't hold a pose for long. 

Soon the light was gone and my zen time with the sheep was over but the next day I still felt their calming presence.  Forget about counting them at night, some days you just need some good sheep! 




Washington DC

May 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Washington DC (1 of 1)Washington DC (1 of 1) I recently spent a week in Washington DC in March, 2018.  For a photographer the city boasts a wealth of iconic opportunities and I enjoyed all it had to offer.  I really loved traveling from place to place using the easy color coded Metro system. I was happy that I packed mostly winter clothes, complete with gloves and hat, because spring was close but not yet present and neither were the cherry blossoms.  

While editing my photos after returning home I reviewed an image of the capitol and another of these religious figures that I loved from the ceiling of the Basilica. These two images seemed to gravitate towards each other in my mind, so I combined them into a double image.

With the ongoing troubles in our government, this combination although amusing to me, portrays a comforting idea.  

Yours truly,




Looking for the light

February 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


I took a walk yesterday in town, the the day after the mass shooting in Florida claimed the lives of 17 innocent school children and teachers.  The grey overcast day seemed comparable to the news of the past couple days, but carrying my camera I was looking for some light.  

As I waited at an intersection, I noticed an elderly man struggling to pull a cart full of groceries up the steps to his house.  I was too far away to help but I saw a motorcycle pull up to the curb. The guy hurriedly parks, takes his helmet off and jogs up to the man on the steps who has stopped mid way up.  

The younger guy easily helps him push the loaded cart up the last few steps and thru his doorway.  They briefly murmur some words and he waves and returns to his motorcycle, puts on his helmet and zooms away.  The elderly man pausing in the doorway, looking back seems to be thinking who was that man?  It kind of felt super hero-ish to me.  If only he had been wearing a cape and I had been close enough to grab a photo! 

This morning I am reminiscing as I review the photos I took yesterday.  These white daisies sitting alone on a table amidst all the reflections in the windows around them impressed me as did the super hero on the motorcycle, both adding light to a somewhat overcast day.

Happy Trails, 


What Do You See?

August 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

SecretsSecrets I was taking a photograph one day and a lady came over to me and she asked me, "What do you see?"  Before I answered her I immediately thought... really?  All you have to do is look where my camera lens is pointing and your question will be answered.  But honestly that is not always true and it made me love her question all the more.   

Everyone has a different view of the world and it might be questionable to you when you see where my lens is pointing at any given time, as to what I am seeing and why I do I think it might be worth documenting.  Although we view the same world, we each see different aspects of it.

Photography has improved my vision whether or not I have a camera on hand or not.  But when I do venture out with my camera, the question I ask myself is always the same and it makes perfect sense when thrown back at me.  The question is, " What will I see today?"  The answer is always illusive.  

Here on this site I share with you some of my favorite views from my camera lens.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed making them!

Till we meet again,