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What Do You See?

SecretsSecrets I was taking a photograph one day and a lady came over to me and she asked me, "What do you see?"  Before I answered her I immediately thought... really?  All you have to do is look where my camera lens is pointing and your question will be answered.  But honestly that is not always true and it made me love her question all the more.   

Everyone has a different view of the world and it might be questionable to you when you see where my lens is pointing at any given time, as to what I am seeing and why I do I think it might be worth documenting.  Although we view the same world, we each see different aspects of it.

Photography has improved my vision whether or not I have a camera on hand or not.  But when I do venture out with my camera, the question I ask myself is always the same and it makes perfect sense when thrown back at me.  The question is, " What will I see today?"  The answer is always illusive.  

Here on this site I share with you some of my favorite views from my camera lens.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed making them!

Till we meet again,




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